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Eulalia Baulenas

MRes in European Government 
Professur für Forst- und Umweltpolitik
Tennenbacher Str. 4
D - 79106 Freiburg i. Br.
Room: 04069 


Eulalia is a political scientist working on the integration of water and forest policies under the supervision of Dr. Metodi Sotirov.

In 2014 she finalized her master on research methods for the social sciences, a double-degree between the University Pompeu Fabra and Konstanz Universität. During these studies she participated in a research project on the field of forest studies in which a theory to explain the behaviour of forest owners was developed following the analysis of field interviews.

Eulalia's research interests include forest policies and sustainable forest management, water policies and theories of policy integration. Complementary to her studies she has gained working experience in the field of consultancy for EU Institutions on consumer rights.


Baulenas, E., Sotirov, M. (2020): Cross-sectoral policy integration at the forest and water nexus: National level instrument choices and integration drivers in the European Union. Forest Policy and Ecomomics 118 (2020): 102247.

J. Oliva ; C. Castaño; E. Baulenas; G. Domínguez; J.R. González-Olabarría and D. Oliach, ‘The impact of the socioeconomic environment on the implementation of control measures against an invasive forest pathogen’. Forest Ecology and Management (2016), pp. 118-127  

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