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Our key issue: Forest and environmental policy for a world in transition

We carry out research and academic education within the field of forest- and environmental policy. Our work is placed in applied social sciences covering forest-, climate-, water-  and nature conservation policy at different policy levels. We are in particular interested in issues relevant for different political sectors, such as sustainability or bioeconomy.

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Photos in Flickr, courtesy of: Olli Henze (grüner wald),  Rick Payette (Logs), Rainer Schütz (Landscape), Vince42 (Schwarzwald) & Falk Lademann (Waldspaziergang). Thank you!


We are committed to producing outstanding empirically grounded and theoretically informed research that furthers the field of policy research and is of relevance to policy makers and practitioners. Our field of expertise covers actor, institutional as well as idea based approaches representing the state of art of political science and we engage in further developing these approaches. We rely on a broad range of qualitative and quantitative research methods and have a great expertise in inter- and transdisciplinary research processes.


Core to our teaching is a problem-oriented learning approach that enables students to develop competences in social science – in particular political science – relevant for skills of practical relevance for their future. Social scientific topics are illustrated by examples of policy practice and illuminated by involving stakeholders and practitioners. 

Knowledge exchange

Close interaction with stakeholders and decisions makers at all levels in forest and environmental policy inform both research and teaching and enables us to produce knowledge directly relevant for stakeholder and decision makers. 


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