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Freiburg Talks on International & European Forest Policy

Seminar Series

This seminar series provides a platform for leading scholars and renowned experts from organizations to share their thoughts on important topics and development related to international and European forest policy.  The challenge of how to design global and European institutions for sustainable forest management will be a central theme throughout this series. Additionally, case study research and innovative political perspectives on crucial issues related to forest policy will be presented to the audience.

Talks will take place once a month during the winter semester 2013/4 from 1:15 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.* in Herderbau room 100.  We are working to finalize the schedule and will make it available as soon as possible.  Each talk will be 30 minutes of presentations followed by 45 minutes of discussion. Interested scholars and students are invited to make individual appointments with a speaker following the public session.  To schedule a meeting, please contact Maike Stelter (Maike.Stelter@ifp.uni-freiburg.de).

*Exact time of some presentations may differ to accomodate scheduling conflicts.

Organisation: Georg Winkel georg.winkel@ifp.uni-freiburg.de, Metodi Sotirov metodi.sotirov@ifp.uni-freiburg.de, Maike Stelter Maike.Stelter@ifp.uni-freiburg.de


Gefördert aus Mitteln der Eva Mayr-Stihl Stiftung

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Past Events - Winter Semester 2013/14



  • Matthias Schwörer, Referatsleiter Europäische und Internationale Waldpolitik im Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft

"Die Politik gegen den illegalen Holzeinschlag - können FLEGT-Aktionsprogramme und die EU-                 Holzhandelsverordnung die Erwartungen erfüllen?" PPT Slides

Past Events - Winter Semester 2012/13












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