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Saskia Ozinga - Founder and Campaign Coordinator of FERN

Saskia Ozinga is the founder and campaign coordinator of FERN. Born in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, she studied biology and healthcare at Wageningen University and the Hogeschool Utrecht.  Since graduating, she worked as a teacher in environmental science at the Hogeschool Utrecht and for nearly ten years as a campaigner at Friends of the Earth Netherlands. She founded FERN in 1995. While at FERN she has facilitated various NGO coalitions on different topics related to forests and community rights, and written and published numerous books, articles and reports on themes like forest certification, trade and forests, effective advocacy, improving forest governance and forests and climate. She has over the past decades been a board member of various organisations, including Tropenbos International Alliance for Sustainable Development, the Forest Peoples Programme and the TFT.


See also: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saskia_Ozinga

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