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Laila Berning

M.Sc. Environmental Governance
Professur für Forst- und Umweltpolitik
Tennenbacher Str. 4
D - 79106 Freiburg i. Br.
Telefon: (0761) 47661251
Telefax: (0761) 203 - 3705

 Laila holds an M.Sc. in Environmental Governance and a B.Sc. in Environmental Sciences from the University of Freiburg and has extensive research expertise in Brazil, Costa Rica and Europe. Currently, she is researching the effects of international policies on sustainable forest management and solutions to combat illegal logging and timber trade in the Amazon in Brazil. Furthermore, she is a social impact entrepreneur who co-founded Noor Medical, a safe surgery enterprise dedicated to improving healthcare outcomes in Low and Middle-Income countries. Her work has received international recognition; awards include being a 2019 UN Young Champion of the Earth Finalist, a 2018 UN Hult Prize Global Finalist and receiving the “Top 3 Next Economy Award” as one of Germany’s most sustainable startups. Laila consults startups on challenges related to external communication, project management and integrating sustainability strategies into their business development.


Research interests 

  • Analyses of actor networks, institutions, organizational structures and policy change processes
  • Environmental governance and leadership 
  • Sustainable trade, markets and value chains
  • Corporate sustainability
  • International Forest Governance
Professional experience 
  • Since 05/2020
Research staff at the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy at the University of Freiburg: Research into solutions to combat illegal logging and timber trade in the Amazon in Brazil, research into the effects of international policies on sustainable forest management
  • Since 12/2017 
CEO & Co-founder at the Safe Surgery Social Enterprise Noor Medical
  • 12/2017 - 04/2020
Scientific assistant at the Chair of Environmental Governance at the University of Freiburg: Project assistant at KERNiG, a research project on sustainable municipal food systems
  • 09/2017 - 10/2017
Research assistant at Bioversity International in Turrialba, Costa Rica: Hurricane research - analysis of damage and loss data after hurricane Otto 
  • 08/2016
Project assistant at the National park house Wadden Sea (Nationalpark-Haus Baltrum) in Lower Saxony, Germany: Environmental education; composition of new educational tours on the topics of neobiota, geomorphology and pedogenesis
  • 07/2016
Research assistant and data analysis consultant at the office for ecological surveys of swamps (Büro für ökologische Gutachten/Moorkunde) in Kandern, Germany
  • 09/2015 - 10/2015
Research assistant at Universidade Federal Rural do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Cartography and modelling of inundations in Rio de Janeiro with ArcGIS
  • 09/2016 - 10/ 2019
The University of Freiburg: M.Sc. Environmental Governance 
  • 09/2014 - 07/2015
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain: Environmental Engineering (ERASMUS+)
  • 10/2012 - 09/2016
The University of Freiburg: B.Sc. Environmental Sciences
  • 2020 BW goes mobile prize winner in the category “sustainability”
  • 2019 Top 3 Next Economy Award
  • UAE Expo Live Programme, Social Impact Grant Recipient 
  • 2019 Fraunhofer FEP TechBridge Award
  • 2019 UN Young Champion of the Earth Finalist
  • 2018 Global UN Hult Prize Finalist
  • 2017 CampusWELTbewerb Prize winner 
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