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Kriton Arsenis

Member of the European Parliament


Kriton Arsenis holds a degree in Urban and Regional Planning and Regional Development from the University of Thessaly (1996-2001) and a Masters Degree in International Development (MPAID) from the Kennedy School, Harvard University (2001-2003).

He designed and coordinated 'Sustainable Aegean', a public awareness campaign for the sustainable development of the Aegean Islands, under the auspices of Elliniki Etairia (Society for the Environment and Cultural Heritage) (2005-2009); coordinated national 'Turn the lights off' initiatives (June and February 2007), part of the climate change awareness-raising effort; member of the National Planning Council and represented ten environmental organisations (2008-2009).

Mr. Arsenis is an active member of the environmental movement in Greece and abroad since 1982. Awarded a prize by the Prefecture of Thessaloniki (1998) for his contribution to the protection of the Old City (Ano Poli) of Thessaloniki. European Union and EUROPA NOSTRA (Network of cultural heritage associate organisation from all over Europe) European Grand Prize (2009) in the category 'Education, training and awareness-raising' for the campaign 'Sustainable Aegean'.

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