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Madeline Shelton


Madeline Shelton

Professur für Forst- und Umweltpolitik
Tennenbacher Str. 4
D - 79106 Freiburg i. Br.
Room 4067


Madeline Shelton is a cotutelle PhD candidate in the Fenner School of Environment and Society, Australian National University (ANU), and with the Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy, University of Freiburg. She holds a bachelor degree in International Studies, with 5 years’ experience working in international trade, and has recently completed a MSc in Forestry at ANU. Madeline’s PhD applies discourse analysis, supported by postcolonial theory and intersectionality, to the Forest Landscape Restoration agenda with a focus on the relationships between knowledge, practice and power. She is also a research assistant with Professor Ray Ison, and for the International Federation of Systems Research (IFSR).


Professional activities 

Forestry Australia

  • Member of the Future Foresters Initiative (FFI) Committee 2019/2022

The FFI comprises young forestry professionals and forest science students. The purpose of FFI is to provide support to students and early career professionals from forestry and related fields, through mentoring, training, networking and other social and professional development activities. [Link to website]

  • Lead organiser for the 2021 Forestry Australia careers night

  • Organiser and participant for the 2021 Forestry Australia Mentorship program

Forest Growers Committee 

  • Member of the Forest Growers Committee 2020/2021

The Forest Growers Committee is made up of forest owners and growers. The purpose of the committee is to manage the forest grower levy and distribution of funds for R&D and other relevant project. [Link to website]

Gottstein trust

  • Scholarship recipient - Wood Science Course, 2021/2022

Forest owner and manager

  • NW Tasmania, 20ha of hardwood (E. Nitens) plantation




  • Shelton, M. (2021): Framing native forests: A Victorian case study. MFor(Adv) Dissertation, Australian National University. 73 p.


  • Shelton, M., Bos, J., Collins, K., Ison, R. & Iaquinto, B. 2002. Characterising water sensitive cities: 2009-2021. Australasian Journal of Water Resources: Special Issue on Improving water planning.

  • Shelton, M., Ison, R., Wallis, P. & Rubenstein, N. 2022. Dramaturgies for Re-imagining Murray-Darling Basin governing. Australasian Journal of Water Resources: Special Issue on Murray Darling Basin Governance. (Under revision)

  • Shelton, M., Kanowski, P. & Kleinschmit, D. Framing native forests: A Vicitorian case study. To be submitted to Forest Policy and Economics.


Professional Articles

  • Framing native forests. The Forester (Forestry Australia; to be published November/December 2021 Edition


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