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Date:  12- 30th of July 2021
Location: University of Freiburg, Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources, Germany

"Good forest governance” is widely recognized as fundamental to achieving conservation and sustainable management of forests, but the complexity and deficiencies of forest governance produce mixed results. Practitioners face increasingly complex challenges involving (i) numerous policies with collaterally impact, incl. biodiversity policy, climate policy, (ii) diverse public, societal and private actors advocating their interests, and (iii) multiple-levels of policy on the sub-national, national, regional and international arenas. The loss and degradation of forests and their values and services continue to challenge local communities and national governments in many countries. 
About the course:
  • Our course strongly emphasizes problem-oriented learning, and draws from contemporary and relevant cases;
  • Participants will be introduced to concepts of international governance, discussing power, democracy, participation and policy pathways; 
  • The normative ideal of good governance will be critically examined, as will the challenges it faces in the real world of international forest governance; 
  • We will explore the role of public, societal and private actors, including the roles of key international governance processes and actors, and of non-state and market mechanisms (e.g., forest certification);
  • We will play an operational game to consolidate both theoretical and empirical understanding;
Take part in our course lead by renowned experts in the field of international forest governance and 
  • Learn about the latest governance processes; 
  • Network with experts and practitioners by engaging in our interactive learning program; 
  • Benchmark yourself and earn a Qualified Participation Certificate;
  • Learn about diplomacy in international forest negotiations;
Target Audience:
  • Mid-term career consultants and land-use professionals;
  • International graduate students;
  • Young scientists working in the field of forest, agricultural, and environmental sciences, geography, rural development, land use planning, landscape ecology and other related fields of natural resource management;
  • The training is open for applications from all countries.
The program will include additional high-profiled guests involved in international forest governance processes.
The course program is divided into weekly stand-alone packages that are strongly connected with each other.   
Week 1 : Key concepts, Theoretical and Analytical Approaches; 
Week 2 : To Date Processes in International Forest Governance, incl. policy areas like Climate, Biodiversity, Illegal Logging;
Week 3 : International Diplomacy, Negotiation in International Forest Governance incl. Simulation Exercise;
Practical information:
The Course will be online
  • Full three week module (20.07- 07.08.20) 1000 Euro
  • Only week two (27.07-31.07.20) 450 Euro
  • Only week three (03.08-07.08.20) 450 Euro
Fees cover only organizational costs. Transport, accommodation and other related travel costs (e.g., visa costs) are not included in the participation fee.  
You will receive an invoice once your application has been accepted.
Unfortunately, we can not provide scholarships or discounts. Participants are responsible for seeking financial support from their home institution or acquire third party funding.
For international students as well as students in Germany, a suitable scholarship might be available through the DAAD: https://www.daad.de/en/study-and-research-in-germany/scholarships/ . Please check with the DAAD office if you are eligible for a scholarship and make sure to apply for funding in due time.  
Prerequisites: University degree related to agriculture or forestry (minimum 30 ECTS in specific modules), excellent English language skills
Credits: 5 ECTS (if the voluntary oral exam is passed)
Certificates: Qualified Participation Certificate International Forest Governance, issued by the University of Freiburg 
Important dates:
Deadline for application: 15.05.2021
Information about acceptance by 01.06.2021


For questions about the course please contact: 

 Mrs Sabine Dehn 


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