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Forest and environmental policy for a world in transition

Core to our teaching is a problem-oriented learning approach that enables students to develop competences in social science – in particular political science – relevant for skills of practical relevance for their future. Social scientific topics are illustrated by examples of policy practice and illuminated by involving stakeholders and practitioners. 


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 Thesis topics


Currently, our chair is offering following topics for Bachelor and Masterthesis:


The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD): analysis of a transboundary conflict

Ansprechpartner: Dr. Sylvia Kruse


Illegal water use as a question of framing?

Ansprechpartner:  Dr. Sylvia Kruse


Illegal water use as tragedy of the commons? A case study

Ansprechpartner:  Dr. Sylvia Kruse


The role of culture in the transfer of participatory water management policies 

Ansprechpartner:  Dr. Sylvia Kruse 


Policy integration across the water and forest sectors in Baden-Württemberg

Ansprechpartner: Eulalia Baulenas and Dr. Metodi Sotirov


Multiple national, European and international policy analyses for both BSc. And MSc

Ansprechpartner: Dr Metodi Sotirov


 "Resistance in international forest politics: UNFF and the Legally Binding Agreement on Forests"

Ansprechperson: Prof. Dr. Daniela Kleinschmit 



Please contact the respective contact person. Of course you can also suggest your own topic in consultation with your supervisor.





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