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Alex Giurca




Dr. Alex Giurca

M.Sc. Forestry and Agriculture (European Forestry)

Professur für Forst- und Umweltpolitik
Tennenbacher Str. 4

D - 79106 Freiburg i. Br.

Telefon: (0761) 203-8484
Telefax: (0761) 203 -3705




Alex is a Research Associate at the Forest and Environmental Policy Group of the Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg (Germany). He completed his doctoral studies within the Bioeconomy Graduate Program BBW ForWerts and the network Bioeconomy Research Baden-Württemberg. His dissertation, titled: "The forest- based bioeconomy: actor networks, policies and politics in Germany and northern Europe, was supervised by Prof. Dr. Daniela Kleinschmit. He holds an MSc in Forestry and Agriculture (MSc European Forestry) from the University of Eastern Finland (Joensuu, Finland) and the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Alnarp, Sweden), and a BSc in forest engineering from the Transylvania University of Brasov (Romania).

Prior to his position in Freiburg he studied and worked in Sweden, Brazil, Finland, Germany and Romania. 


Main research interests and expertise 

  • Bioeconomy;
  • Social Network Analysis; 
  • Technology innovation networks;
  • International timber trade, legality verification and forest certification;
  • Science communication;
  • Digital learning. 


PUBLICATIONS (Journal articles, conference proceedings, reports, book chapters):


Giurca A. (2020) Unpacking the network discourse: Actors and storylines in Germany's wood-based bioeconomy. Forest Policy and Economics. DOI: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.forpol.2018.05.009 


Korhonen J., Giurca A., Brockhaus M.,Toppinen A. (2018) Actors and Politics in Finland’s Forest-Based Bioeconomy Network. Sustainability 2018, 10(10), 3785; https://doi.org/10.3390/su10103785 

Stein M., Giurca A.,Kleinschmit D. (2018) „Wir sind die Bioökonomie“ – Perspektiven von Akteuren aus dem deutschen Forst- und Holzsektor. AFJZ 10.23765/afjz0002019


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Giurca A. and Kleinschmit D. (2015) Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy: Integrating Environmental Concerns in Germany’s Bioeconomy Discourse. Proceedings of Towards a Sustainable Bioeconomy conference (21-23 Oct. 2015), Barcelona, Spain; pp: 26-27.

Gavrilut I., Halalisan A-F., Giurca A. and Sotirov M. (2015) The Interaction between FSC certification and the implementation of the EU Timber Regulation in Romania; Forests,7 (3): 1-13.

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Giurca, A. (2013) Market based and regulatory/enforcement mechanisms- assessment of impacts on timber trade between South-east Asia and Europe; M.Sc. Thesis; Southern Swedish Forest Research Centre, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences: Alnarp, Sweden

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